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Breeding Season 2016/2017!!

Breeding Season 2018/19!!

This season, RAD Reptiles will be attempting four pairings! 1) Anthill Pythons Antaresia perthensis (Don Meeker Line) 2) Eastern Black Ratsnakes - Herm Line Albinos Pantherophis alleghaniensis  3) Green Tree Pythons Morelia azurea (Sorong locale Imported Adults) 4) Eastern Everglades Ratsnake  Pantherophis alleghaniensis 

Breeding Season 2017/2018!!

Northern Green Tree Pythons (Morelia azurea): RAD Reptiles Potential 1st!
This pair was acquired from Fascination Herp and were imported from the Sorong locale. COpulation has been observed on many occasions, however there has been no sign of ovulation. Both animals will be repeatedly paired together throughout the season as they can possibly breed at any time. Sorongs are known for being a bit more laid back than other locales and for having a rich, sky blue dorsal coloration. Our specimens certainly hold their own in terms of pigmentation, but do not adhere as closely to the calm demeanor aspect!

The 2019 breeding season looks fun here at RAD Reptiles with a lot of potential firsts for us!

Eastern Everglades Ratsnakes (Pantherophis alleghaniensis):

RAD Reptiles Potential 1st! 
This is a first time pairing for a 15+ year old pair of Everglades Eastern Ratsnakes. Both snakes were acquired from long time friend/mentor and retired Zookeeper, Herm T. They have never been through a true brumation, so offspring is certainly not guaranteed, but we're definitely keeping our fingers crossed as these are some classic looking Everglads animals!

Eastern Black Ratsnakes (Pantherophis alleghaniensis):

The male is very interesting in that he should have the same genetics as the female, but is overall a very dark, reddish color with blue eyes; whereas the female is light colored, with the typical red/pink eyes. Last year’s offspring all looked the same, but we’re hoping some of the babies that hatch out this year will emerge with blue eyes. 

Anthill Python (Antaresia perthensis): 

​RAD Reptiles Potential 1st!
This pair is from Don Meeker stock and is absolutely gorgeous. The Anthill Python is the smallest species of python, the female is about 220g while the male is under 100g. A lot of breeding behavior has been observed and the female looks ready to oviposit any day now!