Breeding Season 2017/2018!!

The 2018 breeding season holds a lot of maybes at RAD Reptiles. Of the three planned pairings, we only feel confident with two!

Coastal Carpet Pythons (Morelia spilota mcdowelli): Axanthic x Jaguar
This is a repeat pairing from 2017. Last year’s Non-Jaguar offspring emerged with heavy striping! We would like to determine if this was a by product high incubation temps (last year we incubated at 88F), or if the striping is truly a polygenic trait. We will give this Jaguar female the opportunity to Maternally Incubate her clutch, but will have an incubator standing by. If she neglects the clutch, we will incubate the eggs at 86F, the cooler end of the acceptable range in this subspecies.

Eastern Ratsnakes (Pantherophis alleghaniensis): Blue Eyed Albino x Albino
This is another repeat pairing from 2017. The male is very interesting in that he should have the same genetics as the female, but is overall a very dark, reddish color with blue eyes; whereas the female is light colored, with the typical red/pink eyes. Last year’s offspring all looked the same, but we’re hoping some of the babies that hatch out this year will emerge with blue eyes. If they are able to produce another nice clutch for us this year, we may hold the entire clutch back to watch their progression.

Breeding Updates Photo Gallery!!

Breeding Season 2016/2017!!

This season, RAD Reptiles will be attempting three pairings! 1) Axanthic Coastal Carpet Python x Jaguar Coastal Carpet Python. 2) Albino Eastern Ratsnake x Albino Eastern Ratsnake 3) Antaresia perthensis x Antaresia perthensis!

Anthill Python (Antaresia perthensis): Normal x Normal
This pair of 2014 animals came into our collection a little late into the breeding season. Even they are newer additions, we felt they had the size and health to reproduce safely. This pair is from Don Meeker stock and is absolutely gorgeous. The Anthill Python is the smallest species of python, the female is 130g while the male is under 100g. We haven’t observed any breeding behaviors in this pair yet, but they have a reputation as being very secretive breeders. So we have our fingers crossed.