Axanthic Coastal Carpet Python    


The Axanthic mutation in Coastal Carpet Pythons is RAD Reptiles’ flagship mutation project. At first, this mutation was thought to be a simple recessive trait and we have been (and the reptile hobby) operating under that premise for years. However; after conversations with several other breeders and after witnessing the results of several Axanthic x Normal pairings, RAD Reptiles will be identifying the Axanthic mutation as an Incomplete Dominant mutation. It is blatantly obvious that Heterozygous offspring from a Homozygous Axanthic x non-Axanthic pairing are phenotypically hypoxanthic to varying degrees. The FACT that animals with only one copy of the Axanthic mutation express any level of hypoxanthism provides clear evidence of an Incomplete Dominant mutation.

Coastal Carpet Pythons are the largest subspecies of Carpet Python. As their name suggests, Coastal Carpet Pythons are typically found along the Eastern, Northwest coast of Australia, but their range does extend inland and westward a good degree. This subspecies has an absolutely stunning natural variation, both in size and pattern. This is why RAD Reptiles works with Coastal Carpet Pythons as our flagship project!

Coastal Carpet Pythons 

Morelia spilota mcdowelli